brian and gus heather

SILENCE AND TEARS, Chapter 21, The Conclusion. Brian's POV

This was a story about how the last season of QAF might have ended. It's an alternative to what was filmed. I've been through all the stages of grief over the way the show was written, and now this is my reconciliation, for Brian and Justin, for Randall and his love for the show. Some of you wanted more, detailed rendering of their relationship. That's not how I viewed this particular story. This was exactly what I wanted to say, how I wanted it to end. It's my view, plain and simple, neither right nor wrong. I'm leaving my LJ open in case I want to post any thing else outside of my P/CP work, even fiction unrelated to QAF. Maybe the first Vanished gap filler? (JOKE!) I hope you enjoyed this little love story, it was very therapeutic for me. Love, Randall

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